Monday, August 29, 2011


Today is the Day 520th we have been together 
From the moment I hold your hand...
I knew that you're the one I want to hold today, tomorrow and coming future

Thank you for your understanding and toleration

Supporting me...
Motivating me...
Be with me always...

I know the love shape above isn't perfect enough
But it is filled with my heart and our memories..

Love U



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Their B'Day at Shogun

Two days later on 20th August 2011 after my farewell with colleagues 
Headed to Shogun Japanese Restaurant, Fahrenheit 88 for my sister and brother in law's birthday celebration

YES!!! Japanese buffet AGAIN...

Basically concepts are similar with Saisaki 
The difference is the interior design

Back to the topic...

Main characters - Joyce and Eric
They were coming for food really...

Fight for them..

Purposely to arrange like this for photographing..
I know I'm genius!!!

We named it as "LaLa" soup
Quite delicious!!!

The most impressive was the soups offered in Shogun
Must try it if you are going there

Ning and ME
My "curtain hair" becoming longer now..

Hopefully my sister and brother in law enjoy the dinner that day..

Happy Birthday to Both of YOU


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Greatest Moment With Greatest You

It is the toughest moment to leave my very good colleagues
Been here for more than half year since November 2010
Did murmur at my works before frankly
But I had memorable moment with them indeed

Everyone has to move on as my colleague - JoJo said
They gave me millions touches in the final week in Genting WorldReservation Centre


Thanks to Brenden, Shyan and Aki for having lunch together for LAST
Aki and Shyan


Are you "okay" with my new hair style?
I named it as "Curtain Hair"

Busy clearing my table and taking photos with colleagues in last day



Thanks to Moon who brought me into WRC
Although we were not working in same section
But really thanks her for everything

She was my FIRST friend in WRC indeed 

My trainer -KN

Ker Chei

Kak Rose 

We had a farewell gathering in Saisaki after work
Unfortunately K.Rose couldn't make it 
It was the first time we able to gather together

 Saisaki - Japanese Buffet Cusine
As a Japanese cuisine enthusiast, it is my all time favorite!!!
I am HERE for YOU!!!

It wasn't about food in my farewell
But also gift!!!

Received 3 gifts today and..
Coincidentally received 3 cups from them

A special cup given by Edwin
After poured hot water into the cup, my pictures appeared 
Of course I like another two cups (Starbucks and RHB)
Seemed my colleagues knows my cup has broken weeks ago

Let's introduce my colleagues one by one







Lastly, my little woman - Yan
I never imaging that Yan will hug me like that~
Big surprise really...
Banyak Syiok~

I can't find any words that really express myself
Only THANKS with millions of thanks to all of you as you colored my life
Sorry if I had troubled you all during my service with WRC

Our first group photos (without K.Rose)

I really LOVE you all...


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love Series: Jayce & Yi Ning

If you have noticed my FB few weeks ago,
I was tagged on photos from Esther Wei

Esther - She is a freelance photographer and a friend of mine
Appointed with her for our (Ning and Me) photoshooting
It was my second time be Esther's model
Photoshooting isn't strange for me now

Date: 17 July 2011
Venue: Tasik Perdana
PhotoGrapher: Esther Wei

Let's photos speak...

It was difficult to be "serious" 
Be nature as we like to "act"


Please visit to my FB to see more photos
I will update again once I receive other copies from Esther
Give me a "like" in FB and here as well ya~

Should you wish to have a photo session with your special one
You can find Esther at HERE


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