Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aged 23

Officially 23 Years Old!!!

Firstly, would like to thanks my colleague who willing to exchange his off day with me
So that I able to celebrate my BIG day on 26th Feb 2011

A meaningful year, I bought myself iPhone as my birthday present
I broke my own record and this is the most expensive gift I ever bought for my own
Black For ME
Pink For Ning

Having my noon time together with my Ning
Thanks to her for the lunch treat

Fahrenheit 88 becomes one of our favorite malls in KL
We went to Sushi Zanmai 

Our favorite Japanese restaurant as well

Crazy with our iPhone
Using More Lomo application

I Love Side Face A LOT
Imaging it was my Birthday cake

Was trying to act cute in 23 years old 
Am I still look CUTE??

Walking around Fahrenheit 88 and Pavilion to kill our time
While waiting for Joyce and Eric
We had our Tea with ChatTime
ChatTime is becoming our favorite SOON
-We're Lovin' It-

Lomo From iPhone

Here's my present!!!

Padini Branded Bag

Gatal ME

Finally sister and brother-in law came and we headed for our dinner!!!

Went to Jung Won Korean Restaurant
I've been there before and I brought them here~
My birthday gifts from my sister and brother

Beloved sister and brother-in law 

권한 시작 (Hopefully it was correct)

Happy Birthday, Jayce...

My Woman - Ning!!!

Thank you for those who wished me via SMS and Facebook

I had my GREAT time with my GREAT Ning as well as Joyce & Eric
Thank YOU


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