Monday, September 26, 2011

[Continued] Love Series: Jayce & Yi Ning

Should you still remember one of my posts in August - Love Series: Jayce & Yi Ning
As promised, I received the photo copies from Esther recently
And here are the additional photos would want to share

Korean Love Drama's Feel??

At the beginning, we were trying to "act" and "pose"
In fact, we just need to enjoy and have fun

See how we enjoyed... 

Click on the photo below..

Are we enjoyed???


However, most difficult shot was this...
Trying hard to communicate with Rose
But she was not bother me at all..


Was really really a great experience for both of us

Again...Many thanks to Esther!!!

For whole album, please do not hesitate to visit my FB


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Her Graduate Trip With ME

Finally we had completed our first ever Malacca journey as promised long time ago
Two of us departed to Malacca and it took approximately 2 hours journey

Our purpose of this trip wasn't about historical sites in Malacca
But was all about F.O.O.D

Of course we had done all the research via internet and Google map really helped a lot
We were not going for simple cuisine but special and highly rated online
W.E. versus F.O.O.D 

Prawn Mee Soup & Asam Laksa

Nyonya Cendol

These can be found in one of the lorong along Jonker Street
(Right opposite the public toilets)

Actually it was out of our expectation at ALL

Proceed to our next dessert 
-Nadeje Layer Cake-

Our spoke person of Nadeje

It tastes nice but we tasted another layer cake even nicer in KL
However, you MUST try in Malacca

Back to Jonker Street to hunt for our next dessert
-Durian Puff-

If you are Durian lover, another MUST for you here
Just one bite, creamy Durian fills your mouth completely

Followed by exotic cockles
We really found it..
You will never found it in Google Map, I swear..
It is actually located at one of the lorong along Jalan Bunga Raya
Near to Madam King Store Department in fact

What an ancient place
See how excited she was~

I really don't know how to name food below in English
Self-service ya~

As one the lorong, please do not expect a clean place
However, it is just nice!!!

You MUST try it

As our classic Chinese quotation
I strongly disagree and believe in <早起的虫儿被鸟吃〉

It was raining in the early morning and no much restaurants were open in fact 
We had selected Uncle Keong's Bird Nest restaurant

Personally I will not recommend this restaurant..
Seafood Sandwich

Prawn Porridge

Gu Lin Gao

I was still smiling..

Next we "ran" to Jonker 88
I'm sure whoever has been Malacca before, you must know it!!!

Our spoke person again 

Durian Cendol

Was so concentrate watching at the TV there

Rushed to another restaurant- Chung Hwa Chicken Rice Restaurant
Everyone knows it I believe..

Long queued just because of it
Chicken Rice Ball..

I will not mark it as MUST because I know many people have tried it before..

Jom..Next would be Ginger Tau Fu Fah!!!
Tau Fu Fah with Ginger???

Taste it for the first time...
Another MUST for you

It can be found in Lorong Bukit Cina 
(opposite of Capitol Satay Celup)

And final DESTINATION...

Introduced it in my previous trip with my friends
It was her first and thanks to Boss for accepting our special order

Made one ice ball for us

Red Bean inside the ice ball

Our journey to Malacca ended with tiredness but joyful
Looking forward to our next trip..
Where to go???

Any suggestions???


Well, show you my masterwork using my iPhone 

Taken at Pahlawan Mall

Praise me, praise me...Please?


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