Monday, June 27, 2011

(10 + 10) Birthday

Had a brief survey via internet on making a birthday card for past few weeks
Finally I have selected LED as my weapon

Lithium Battery with 3V
(But it doesn't work..)

Guess what birthday card I wanted to design?
I wanted apply this concept into my birthday card

Have to admit that I am weak in electronic stuff...
Then I have changed my idea to 3D!!!

Thanks to my colleagues and my sister who assisted me by providing ideas and materials
Finally I have done my first ever handmade birthday card within 2 nights by burning the midnight oil

It's simple but I really hope Ning will love it

Coincidentally, Ning's parents came to Kuala Lumpur and we got to celebrate Ning's birthday together
 Had our celebration at i-Dragon, Pavilion

With the Birthday Cup Cake I ordered a day before

Happy Birthday, Ning

Ning's Family

Next day before Ning's parents leave, we still able to meet up for breakfast
She is so CUTE

We had our date at Fahrenheit
I can smell it..


We had our lunch at Ko Hyang Korean Restaurant

Simple Korean Meal

Fahrenheit slowly has becoming our favorite shopping mall 
Because Wifi there..Quite FAST

Apa Tu...?

For More Photos, Please Click On Below Link

-The End-

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