Monday, January 24, 2011

Memorable Holidays With U

It was a very first time to visit Ning's hometown - JB
Coincidently I had 3 days holidays continuously 
Coincidently Ning ended her exam
Coincidently it was our 300 days

So...Here we are!!!

Stepped on the newest bus terminal - Terminal Bersepadu Selatan which located at Bandar Tasik Selatan
We definitely LOVE here rather than Bukit Jalil and Pudu Station

It is systematic, HUGE space, friendly staffs, and DAMN cold air-cond
Here's the ticket

Mr.Elmo becomes Ning's favorite now
How sad am I...

Managed to get one for my Valen

The journey took us 4 hours to JB
Arrived JB at the midnight

My first meal in JB was Dim Sum 
Delicious and Cheap

Ning's niece
She is so sO SO CUTE, right?

I was wondering is there any tourist attractions in JB?

We spent our time hanging in one of JB's shopping mall - KLS
Well...I prefer to hang out Tebrau Jusco

Hakka Lei-Cha (擂茶)

My first time to taste it
Acceptable only when I eat separately

Headed to Tebrau Jusco for movie 
Another great Chinese movie from Malaysia

Watch it! Support it!

After movie with Ning, met up with SuHui
I always say is good to have friends everywhere..
Because you get treat wherever you go~

Here's my treat
Chocolate Milk from Macau Express

Another delicious meal from Auntie

Before the meals being served, we snapped some photos

Uncle Jayce

So shy to take photo with Auntie

Had you try Ostrich meat with Milk?
Yes..I DID

Do Not Simply Try
It is HIGH with Cholesterol 

*****Next Day*****

Heading to Singapore 
Guess where we visit once we arrived Singapore?

Universal Studio?

Marina Bay Sand?



We went there for its Bak Kwa
What is so special about that?

Special with its LONG queue
We queued for 4 HOURS

Yes..4 Hours!!!
Can you see me?

Queuing up for a famous brand in Singapore

I had no complaint for the long queue after tasted it

These are the two photos I have in Singapore
Spending most of the time with Ning's brother and sister in law
My auntie and Ning's friends

Two days one night in Singapore obviously wasn't enough for us
Hopefully I can make it again for next trip to Singapore

Thank you Ning's family for hospitality
Thank you my auntie 
Thank you Ning's friends and SuHui


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Day Of 2010

Finally I got ONE day off after FIVE working days continuously
Including the last day of 2010 and the first day of 2011

It could be a disaster for many people
For me, it was a chance to earn MORE

Having great moments with TWO important ladies on the last day of 2010
No doubt, she is one of them

Met her for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants
Ichiban Boshi in Pavilion
Another great DSLR effect with my Sony digital camera
Great shot, isn't?

Coincidently, a free California Handroll can be redeemed on the expiry date
We were so lucky for that~

Ning's White Soup Half Udon
It's so tasty with its creamy soup

And my Salmon Kama Gozen

Thinking of affordable and delicious Japanese cuisine
You may try this...

Met another important lady - Joanne who came from Singapore
Looked Gentleman?

Year 2010 has ended
More and more targets are waiting me to complete in 2011

May God bless us
All the BEST to all of U


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