Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Yummy" Trip

It was the 3rd year anniversary of my grandma left us
She brought us back and gather
Thanks to 709 - Bersih, I have earned an additional offday replacement (long story..)

Started my 3 Days 2 Nights Penang trip together with my family on 22nd July

One of our favorite food in Penang - Nibong Tebal
Steamed Sotong - We used to named it "Du Bo Sieng" in Teo Chew

Followed by...
These all is always in our MUST eat menu..

The next day was our praying day
But before everything started..Breakfast is VERY important for us
"Chai Kuih" is another MUST eat food in Jawi

Proud to be a Teo Chew

Met up with aunts and uncles and it was the first time Ning met up with them
The atmosphere was filled by the noise of Teo Chew language which made me feel..
"I'm Home"

My lovely grandpa and my sister
I'm pleased to see he is getting fatter and fatter
Love YOU!!!

Praying my Grandma

We had half day here with aunts and uncle before we left to Penang Island
Of course Laksa is one of our favorites as well

Spent our 2nd day and 3rd day at Penang Island
Thanks to my cousin - JeeLin who able to bring us to Durian farm
We can enjoy our Durian feast in Durian farm

Whatever branded Durian names you can named it, we tasted it here~
Group of us having Durian feast!!!


Before leave to Kuala Lumpur, we had photo session at Batu Maung, Penang

We're Happy Family~ Hoho...

Why I looked so "long" one??

It was enjoyable to have family gather together
Especially for those away from own hometown like us

Hopefully we will gather again in near future...
And hopefully Ning enjoy with my family


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