Friday, October 29, 2010

I ♥ Bali [Part II]


- Day 3 -
We made some amendment on the tour schedule and replaced its with water sport activities
Proceeded to Uluwatu Ancient Temple 
It is one of the important and magnificent ancient monument for the Balinese

It was a scary tour as the monkeys were everywhere surrounding us
They were our enemies
Can you see how FAT are they??? 
No Cap, No Sunglass, No Necklace are allowed for entry
Just in case, the monkeys might rob us~Hahaha

Especially on this road
They were waiting along the road

Can You See That!!! CAN YOU???

Scenes from the pathway to temple 

 If you have Acrophobia, I bet you would not stand at the hut
It is really HIGH

Again we had to face another potential war with them

They are everywhere!!!

And now...We proceeded to water sport!!!
Was really quite excited with the activities brought me down
It brought us DOWN!!!

It isn't white sandy beach
It isn't crystal clear blue sea

It is a polluted beach with PEOPLE

Jayce N Stephy

We shouldn't swim in the sea
So many boats, so many jet skies
Anytime they would kill you if you are swimming in the sea

There are many choices of water sport activities
But I only played Fly Fish

Wondering what is Fly Fish??
[Click Me] for more information

Heading to makan!!!

Basically, it was the main character this time...
Crispy Fish

If you ever search images about Bali via Google
I bet you will see these pictures below

And Tanah Lot is the last tourist destination we visited 

Jayce N Stephy

Again...People everywhere!!!


It called a day after dinner
We were given one whole night for nothing

Stephy and I walked to the Kuta town area again to shop and to eat
Purposely we want to find 3 rectangular prongs plug
Because the plug in hotel all is 2 prongs plug

Finally, we found it in McDonald 
HOWEVER, no WiFi is provided there~
Bad service isn't??
 Had my supper there and I bet the meal made me sick
Having Diarrhea for whole night

- Day 4 -
Was feeling not well the next day
I didn't capture much photos on this day

We had no any tour today so we can stick to our preferences to look for FOOD
Dirty Duck is one of the unique cuisine in Bali

Looked Tired???

There is a paddy field behind the restaurant
Paddy field is quite famous in Bali as well

Dang Dang!!!
Dirty Duck!!!

I didn't eat much as I was sick
I missed the chance to eat Babi Guling as well
Oily Babi Guling made me even sick

The Tatoo cost me Rp. 35,000

4 Days 3 Nights ended and the Diarrhea totally ruined my last day in Bali
It is the regret in my Bali trip

If you love to see different cultures, to taste different food
Yes, Bali will be Ideal for you

Bear in mind that, Bali is HUGE
It often takes at least ONE hours from one destination to another
It made our journey more on the bus rather than visiting 

For me, Uluwatu and Tanah Lot is the MUST visited tourist destinations
Whoever wish to travel Bali, you can come and discuss with me first~
Although I am not the most experienced one

Of course a Bali trip will not be completed without...

I ♥ Bali


Thursday, October 28, 2010

I ♥ Bali [Part I]

A Dream Came True
-A dream of becoming a Millionaire over night- 

It was another company trip organized after Tioman Island Trip on year 2009

To read more about my Tioman Trip

Was in insomnia the night before departure date
Brought the feeling with full of expectation heading to Bali on 22 Oct 2010

It was late afternoon flight at 3.50pm and it took us 3 hours journey from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar, Bali

Here we were...

Welcomed warmness from the local representative and flowers were given for FREE
From Left: ErEr, Tommy, ME, Stephy, Keat, Ms.Wong, Alex and Uginn

It was the first statue we found in Bali
I thought it was gorgeous 

Straight away we were brought to Jimbaran Beach to enjoy the BBQ Seafood Dinner
It is an open air restaurant alongside Jimbaran Beach

Good ambiance with cultural performance was attracting us
However, their seafood wasn't impress us enough

Looked Delicious

All the food and beverage portion is HUGE enough~
Especially the coconut served

Cultural performance

Transferring back to our hotel - The Oasis Kuta Hotel
I searched online about the hotel and it looked perfect

HOWEVER, it was simple yet small hotel

Hotel Lobby without air-cond


I guess Swimming Pool is the greatest

-Day 2-
Tour started with a boring destination, Batik manufacture center
We spent less than 15 minutes here and headed to watch traditional Barong and Kris Dance

Here's where the Balinese perform their traditional dance and musical theater 

Monkey & Lion

Majority of the population in Bali is Balinese Hinduism 
Building with Hindu styled easily can be found here

Feeling like their mascots are very fierce
It's time for lunch
We used another 2 hours journey heading to Batur Volcano

Batur Volcano still is an active volcano 
From here, we enjoyed our lunch at Suling Restaurant
Again...another 2 hours journey to the Tampaksiring

Before get into the temple, we were required to cover our legs with Sarong
It's kind of respect to the Gods
Sissy Jayce with Sarong

Here's where famous with its holy spring 

There is water stream flows out of the ground

Their unique green color incenses

The Last S

After tour to Tampaksiring, we were brought to the Balinese massage
It costs us Rp.350,000 that was most expensive expense in Bali

Two hours spent in Jacuzzi + Sauna + Massage + Scrub + Flower Bathing
Technically OKAY but too soft for us

As we were staying in Kuta area, of course must visit their town area
Walking distance 10 to 15 minutes only from our hotel The Oasis Kuta

In Front of Hard Rock

[To Be Continued]

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