Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rare Moment With Them

It was a rare moment together with Ning's family

No OverTime and No Excuse as I have left office SHARP at 6PM
Heading to KLCC for Ning's favorite - Chili's

We have queued for more than 20 minutes for a table in Chili's
Finally..Here we were~
Ning's parents and her brother

Yi Ning and ME

No worries about photos as Auntie and Uncle love to snap photos in fact
We were trying HARD to finish up our meals..
It's always BIG portion for us

Chili's has been selected as birthday celebration restaurant by many people BECAUSE...
You will have a GANG of WAITERS sing birthday song for you
No proper tone..Simple..but FUN

Birthday Cake from ME 

Happy Birthday Uncle Khoo..

He's CUTE, right?

Had fun with them and it was my first time met up with her brother (Er Ge)
Was seeking secret recipe from her brother on building mucles

It must be a mission IMPOSSIBLE for me~


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