Saturday, April 9, 2011

F.A.M To Genting Highland

A F.A.M trip to Genting Highland for 2 days 1 night has been conducted on 07 April 2011
Only those been chosen were arranged to go Genting together
And I was the one been selected from WRC - Web section

Our trip has began early morning to our first destination - Awana Genting
Sounds familiar to me but to be honest, it was my first time visit Awana Genting

Unlike hotels at Genting Highland, Awana Genting provides quiet environment

However, the temperature here....
 Believe that my room is cooler than here~

After had our lunch in Rajawali Restaurant, we departed to our next destination - StarWorld
Casinos are seemed as a very important part in Genting Highland
Saw many uncles and aunties bet for their fortune

Our trip basically was visiting here and there (casinos and rooms)
However, apologize as unable to show all the hotels rooms we've visited
There are rooms which we have never know before

See how concentrate were they listen to the manager on duty

Thanks to Genting company as I able to visit VIP rooms only
The room rates can up to RM1k - 3k PER ROOM PER NIGHT

Visiting rooms can be part of our job scope
Yet, EATING is part of our life!!!

Grab a chance to enjoy our buffet dinner in Coffee Terrace Cafe
A person will be charged up to RM60++ per person for the buffet dinner
BUT...We enjoyed for FREE

Japanese Cuisine

 Western Cuisine


We have given a chance to watch Glitz show on the first night

It was quite scary to stay alone in hotel room as my colleagues were out for Yam-Cha
I believe that many people know about "story" in Genting

-08 April 2011-
Continued with our visiting journey to Resort Hotel and Theme Park Hotel
Then journey to Chin Swee Cave Temple - a religious type of accommodation
The greatest Buddha statue

We've brought to visit Theme Park (Indoor)
Snow World - Sky Venture - 4D Motion Master

Should I need to rate, I will rate Sky Venture the best, followed by Snow World and 4D Motion Master
Sky Venture is a training aid for skydivers and it becomes a fun for non-skydivers now

Here is somewhere I wish to come but the price has stopped my step
If you were between 25kg - 114kg, you are welcome to enjoy the fly

14 people of us but only 5 (including me) dare to take the challenge
Of course I cannot show you more pictures as photography is strictly NOT allowed

But I can show you my CERTIFICATE!!!
 Chim Han Yi has flown of 193km/hour!!!

I believe that it was the greatest part for me along the journey
Thanks Genting!!!


Sunday, April 3, 2011


Was purposely applied off day on our "Special Day"

Our first ever anniversary on 27th March 2011
Brought her to Genting Highland for celebration

Here's where we began our relationship and here's where we had our anniversary celebration here
Headed to KL Sentral for our breakfast - Mc.D

Queuing up for our promotional meals

Got my Big Breakfast finally
      It wasn't BIG in fact

Ning with her Hash brown

Tengok Apa!!!

Yeah, Go Genting!!!
As a Genting employee, ride Skyway Cable Car for FREE is one of the benefits I am able to enjoy


Someone is FARTING!!!
 Must be YOU!
It was an enjoy to taste ice-cream here...
We need some FREEZE!!!
 Walking here and there
Spending much of our time here


 My All Time Favorite - Chocolate Cream Chips


Actually we have promised each other not to give any present this time
Yet, we've broke our promise

A meaningful handmade "story" book from Ning
 This is one of the pages 

Present for HER
Little Marie, imported from Singapore
She is a voice recordable Marie 
And...I did record my own voice inside

Sounds WEIRD as Little Marie produces Male voice

Our trip to Genting Highland was short but FREEZE with L.O.V.E
Looking forward to MORE and MORE trips with HER in future

-The End-

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