Friday, September 24, 2010

The Legend of Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen

Another KungFu movie from Donnie Yen is showing on screen in Malaysia lately
As Donnie's supporter, I had appointed Chu to watch it together with me

Seriously, he can run faster than the bullets!!!
I was just " WAH..."

Again, he's showing his muscular body


How he jumped over the car???
Those who haven't watch, please support Donnie in cinema~

"Buy Original, See Original"

I forced Chu to treat me Snowflake after movie
The dessert I desired until now~
There is always long queue and I thought it must be tasty

"Beeping UFO"

Today I've tasted...

Mm...3.5 out of 5 rating stars



My eyes were so tired..

Chu is going to Penang for his 3 months internship...
Not able to meet him for 3 months..Wu~WU~

Wish Chu all the B.E.S.T in his 3 months journey there


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MoonCake Dinner

Time flies...
Today's the Mid-Autumn Festival for year 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival means nothing for me actually...
Yet I still able to have a simple dinner with classmates

As scheduled, we went to Chatz Room Cafe, located in Rampai Business Area
It was first time for us to dine in Chatz Room Cafe
Ambiance is ideal for birthday celebration, gathering and the likes
A partition created and here's where anyone can display their products

The deco..

New members in J-Station
Mee Yee & Marion

Not smiling with P.E.A.C.E

Smiling without P.E.A.C.E
Coincidently ordered 3 colors drink - named as Traffic Light
Thanks to generous Siang who bought us Mooncake~
Promoted by Promoter Mee Yee

Special Mooncake with Mocha Flavor

Group photos:

Lastly...Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Appointment With Braces


After the Broga Hill, I was like a "dead fish" lying on my bed
I was hungry but I need a rest SERIOUSLY

In the noon time on the same day
I went to Midvalley together with Hing

We had an appointment with Jessie
For your information, Jessie was the one who had my "first" years ago...

Don't misunderstand ya~

Of course a memorable fishing experience for my first time!

A small Grouper (石斑鱼)

We were waiting on the dock

Okay..Okay...Out of story already~
Before meet up with Jessie, coincidentally we met Sam there

Of course we grabbed the chance for photo snapping together

How was my new shirt???Hahaha

I guess it was first time I met up Jessie after she put on braces
I was being isolated when two ladies kept talking about their braces' stories
Jessie suggested me to put on braces as well in order to have more topics with them~

No way!!
My teeth is good enough for me~

Don't you think so??

I will prove it!!!

Hohoho...Sorry na Makan-ing
Next time I will prove it~

Had our dinner together Din Tai Feng Restaurant (鼎太豊)

If you have Maybank Debit Card, I encourage you to dine in here
Because if you pay bill by using Maybank Debit Card, you will get a free steamed dumplings

Two braces

First shot

Second one

Jaye joined us after dinner~


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Broga Hill


Continued from the previous post...
We had 2 to 3 hours rest only after the movie- Step Up 3

We departed from our house at 4am in the dawn as none of us know exactly where is it
So we departed earlier just in case we may spend more time in searching the location

We were so confused with the signboards in Malaysia
Thanks to Siang's GPS that led us to the Broga area

Walked through the oil palm area
It was exciting but honestly I was scared
We were there during the Chines Ghost Month and I not even dare to see around
I afraid that I might see "something" hiding there

I guess we spent around 30 minutes to reach the Peak 1
I never know it has 4 peaks and we only conquered 2 peaks

Uncle Sun is rising
3 Mr. Cool
Have you tried to conquered Broga Hill with your slipper?


But the great men: Lawrence(Left) and Alvin(Middle) did

Scenes from Broga Hill


We were going down~

Another great man: Siang
Going down is tougher than going up
Becareful, guys...

Beads of dew taken by Mr. Jayce:
It's DSLR effect from my little Sony Digital Camera

So P.R.O.U.D


[To Be Continued]

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jung Won Restaurant (Korean BBQ)

If you're seeking for delicious Korean cuisine lately,
I strongly recommend you to look for Jung Won Korean Restaurant

I've been there on earlier of September 2010
It is exactly located at Jalan Ampang Hilir, Kuala Lumpur

It was my first time to visit and I was impressed with its great ambiance
Unlike the Korean restaurants which located at the Korean Village,
Jung Won Restaurant provides adequate space and nice decoration

No doubt it is ideal dining place for guests especially for the groups...

There is a water wheel in the middle of the restaurant

The Girls

9 of us

3 Little Boys

I'm not GAY

The Mouth-Watering Side Dishes
Most important is it can be refilled

Soup of the Day - Ginseng + Chicken

The Salmon

The Steamed Eggs

And the delicious pork

Many people like ME dislike BBQ as BBQ produces strong odor and which will attached on our clothes
At here, the staffs will do it for you and the only thing you need to do is E.A.T

Next, we went to Wangsa Walk for movie - Step Up 3D

It wasn't my favorite type of movies because it is about dancing and dancing
But I watched Step Up 1 and it wasn't disappoint me

If you haven't watch this, you gonna watch it

[To Be Continue]

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