Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matta Fair (Sept 2010 - Redang)

Booking period (1-8 Sept 2010)

Redang Beach Resort

3D2N Snorkeling Package

September 2010
Twin RM409 per adult (Weekdays)
RM449 per adult (Weekends)

Triple RM389 per adult (Weekdays)
RM419 per adult (Weekends)

Quad RM349 per adult (Weekdays)
RM389 per adult (Weekends)

October 2010 (Until 10 Oct only)
Twin RM389 per adult

Triple RM369 per adult

Quad RM339 per adult

March 2011 (Except Public Holidays)
Twin RM370 per adult (Weekdays & Weekends)
RM400 per adult (School Holidays)

Triple RM350 per adult (Weekdays & Weekends)
RM380 per adult (School Holidays)

Quad RM330 per adult (Weekdays & Weekends)
RM360 per adult (School Holidays)

Package above inclusive of:
-2 ways ferry transfer (Syahbandar Jetty - Island - Syahbandar Jetty)
-2 nigths accommodation with air-cond, hot shower & safe deposit box
-2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 1 dinner & 2 BBQ dinner + 2 tea break
-2 snorkeling trips + 1 Marine Park

Package above exclusive of:
-Normal mask + snorkel + life jacket RM30 per person
-Marine Park Conservation Fund RM5 per adult
-2 ways KT bus station transfer RM20 per person
-2 ways KT airport transfer RM30 per person

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to leave your enquiry together with email in the comment box or proceed to HERE

Thank You & Best Regards..

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Rare Off Day

Many Many Thanks to Mr. JoJo for canceling our class without any reason...

Siang invited us to visit a Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶) restaurant in Kepong

According to Siang, this restaurant is always packed with customers especially in weekends
I believe that the sales tells everything about them

Before we proceed to pictures below, I must show you my new hairstyle~
It was my first time to style my hair like this...

I bet for those who knew me for quite a long time ago, you never see my hair like THIS??

Still Acceptable??
Still Okay??
Still Standing??
Comment please....

And now I only realized my eyes can be so DEEP~

And here we were...

Ordered portion for 5 persons and it was more than enough~

I swear...You can really find everything inside the pot

Alvin left for working and the rest of us went to Ikea afterward..

5 little kids were so desperate with the RM1 ice cream in Ikea

Siang, ME and Lawrence

Kinki and Sasa

Whenever out with Sasa, for sure it will be the photo album for her~
Ladies and Gentlemen...Let's welcome Princess Sasa

Is she cute??
I mean the rabbit~HoHoHooo

Of course Princess Sasa has "another" side - Witch Sasa

Yes...Is she!!!

Same goes to Little Harry Potter a~

He is so CUTE!!!

Of course we had action movie stared by Siang and Lawrence

It named New Police Story (Malaysia Version)

Sorry for technical problem ya~
Please rotate your head to see this video~~


****The End****

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Back Pack Trip - Malacca

Due to my laziness, I apologize that I suppose to update this article in past June 2010

It was my first trip with just a back pack to Malacca

Malacca, a place that is famous with its historical heritage and of course its delicious food
Along with my Sandakians buddies:

(From top left) Chui, ME, Chu and Yau
(From Bottom left) Sam, Rachel and Stella

Chu and Sam was first time heading to Malacca
It created some excitement among us~

As scheduled, we (Chui, Chu and Me) met up with Yau and Rachel in the station of Masjid Jamek

From here, we headed to Bukit Jalil

It was my first time to Bukit Jalil as well...I thought Bukit Jalil should be well-developed
Sadly, it is not the truth...

It took around 2hours journey to Melaka Sentral
From there, we took the local public transport to get into Melaka town

Due to 5th June 2010 was Malaysia's public holiday (Agong's birthday)
Malacca was packed with HUMAN and cars...

Of course we walked faster than car did~

Once we arrived Malacca town, we seek for Malacca's symbolic food - Chicken Rice Ball

And the next would be our favorite dessert - Cendol

After a short break in our Hotel

Depart to guide our tourists Chu and Sam to visit the Malacca heritage

4 ladies..
Two naughty boys
Dataran Pahlawan
Buddy and ME
Two naughty boys again...
Our future hope: Chu Chu
Handsome maid..(Wuahaha)
We walked to the famous Restaurant Capitol Satay in the evening

How famous is it???

We queued up for our dinner for an hour time


Believe it...

Honestly, I don't feel it is tasty but quite special
If you never try it before, TASTE it...

We tramped along Jonker Street for whole night~
It was crowded..

Next day on 6th August 2010
Continued to look for delicious food - Asam Laksa
I thought the Asam Laksa in Malacca is unique than the other Asam Laksa that we can find in other part of Malaysia

Of course, Cendol is always the best dessert in Malacca

Again Rachel brought us to Jalan Bunga Raya with walking distance around 15 minutes
Guess what we were looking for in this street??

What is so special about this shop?
Cendol is made manually by using traditional way
And of course Ice Ball
Actually the Tauke was not selling that Ice Ball that day but he willing to make one for us and it was FREE!!!

Thank you SO much, Tauke

Next again...Popiah!!!
To buy Popiah, we had to queue up and took number first


While waiting for our Popiah, we shopped around in the Supermarket beside..
What was surprising me was the fitting room is so SMALL

How small it is??

Can you see me??

Let's see again...

Sorry I was closing my eyes...

In late afternoon, we departed to the Melaka Sentral by public bus again

Do you know what is the BEST solution to protect yourself from the sunlight in the bus??

This is...F.U.N.N.Y

Taken in Melaka Sentral
We all looked exhausted

With Stella, a new friend I met in this trip~

Our Photographer, Yau

Lastly, many many thanks to Yau because he captured all the memories of ours along the journey until himself not really appear in photos

It was really GREAT to have such moment with my friends
A simple and short trip but memorable for me~

I am looking forward to our next trip...

Buddies, when is NEXT??

Here's a video clip captured when we were in Zheng He Muzium:

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