Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Year Older

Turned into 24 years old officially on 26 Feb
Thanks to my lovely Ning for preparing the birthday card and the present

Headed to one of my favorite Japenese restaurants - Senjyu at The Curve

While waiting the restaurant open 

The prices here are roughly higher compared to other Japanese restaurants in KL
However, it tastes nice and personally thinks it is worthy

Senjyu Sushi

Present Time~
Handmade birthday card by HER
Creative and F.U.N.N.Y

Am I look like that???
Obviously, I am NOT

I am not as skinny as HIM!!!

This is actually WHO am I!!!
Super Handsome ME!!!
This is one of my aims


My present!!!
CK perfume!!!

Am I look like the spokeperson???

SHE and ME 

OMG...Wrinkles coming out~

Model-ing again..

My only birthday cake today with straw as the candle
A year older

Of course, HUGE thanks to my ex-colleagues and current colleagues who prepared the gifts below:
A very personalized Touch&Go from my ex-colleagues

Birthday card prepared by my HSBC colleagues

Thank you very MUCHie~


Sunday, February 19, 2012

3 > 2 Valentine's Day

Indeed, 3 is greater than 2 this time
One 50's, One 80's and 80's + 90's couples celebrate Valentine together this year

My parents came to Kuala Lumpur those few days
And we celebrated the Valentine's day on 14th Feb 2012

Headed to Sunway Giza where we had never been there before except my sister & brother-in-law
Reserved a table for 3 couples and while we were waiting...


80's Senior 

80's + 90's Junior 

Snoopy was laying there~ 

Waited around 5 to 10 minutes out there
Luckily we had made reservation in advance on such special day

Entrance getting into dining area

Tao's Salad 

Forgot how many food we had ordered & taken
Just EAT!!!

Our favorite - Abalone slides

Lamb chop - one of the Top 10 here

Happy Valentine's Day, my Love one~

Mouse in Tao's 

50's and 80's couples 

80's + 90's 
Best Actors!!!


We fought against the food for more than two hours
Been there until the restaurant closed
I guess we won the fight as we were extremely FULL

Overall, the food quite delicious and fresh
Really worth enough to enjoy the unlimited food with the affordable price
If Tao's relocate themselves at KL area
I bet it would become my favorite as well


Friday, February 10, 2012

Back to MaMa & PaPa {Part II}


As our usual practice every year, someone will be the one who arrange the visiting journey throughout the Chinese New Year period

And we had whole day of visiting journey in the following day

Personally, I really like the two photos below: -
Apart from the photos' qualities and contrasts, most importantly we all looked NICE~
ME & Tzun

David, ME & Tzun

We were gathered at Jye's house as our starting point
And then here's we were - Vivian's house
Another group photo of us

Above: Mildred; From Left: Me, Joanne & Ade

Ade & ME

Hing & ME

Me & Joanne

We ended up our journey at BoBo's house
And...Hing, You are RED!

I couldn't spend more time with my friends as my family and I departed to Kota Kinabalu on 27 January 2012

We had planned to go Desa Farm and Kundasang (including the Kinabalu Park) on the way to Kota Kinabalu
However, we couldn't make it as we faced bad weather all the time 
Hanging out to shopping mall in the city and also DRINK!!!
I have to admit that I drink every night since I arrived Sabah before Chinese New Year
Of course I didn't drink much~
Say HI to a tower of Heineken!!!

We changed our plan to Nexus Resort Karambunai instead of Sapi Island
Well, it is a beautiful resort and ideal for relaxation
View from the resort's lobby

See how happy is our little Valen
He loves Sun, Sea and Sand indeed

Directed by ME!!! 
Sweet isn't it?

Couple on the Beach~

4 young men!!!

We were not allowed to swim here as it only reserved to Resort's guests
So we moved further to somewhere nobody can see us

Naked Little Valen!!!
No worries as I had covered "important" part

Our turn to take off~


While we were playing out there, Uncle Chim & Auntie stayed on beach 

Butcher Look

We were there for half day and we need to prepare for night time!!!

Went to Supertanker restaurant for Lao Shang!!!

Sister & ME

With PaPa & MaMa

Super cute Valen!!! 

Huat a!!!!

We returned to brother's house for our annual family photo!!! 
Good take as everyone included Valen and NoNo looked at the camera~~

At Last, Sister & two little brothers

One week holiday OBVIOUSLY is not enough
Really appreciate every moments spent together with family and friends

Thank you to my friends who drove me here and there
Thank you friends for inviting me to visit your houses to get Ang Pao~


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