Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Merry Christmas

How was your Christmas in year 2011?

For us...
NO Candle Light Dinner
NO Turkey
NO Christmas Cake

BUT we had our Red-velvet cake in NoLita Caffetteria at Viva Home
Viva Home sooner becomes our favorite "lepak" destination

W You, Viva

Our Red-velvet cake

Super NICE!!!

Natural US 

Our Christmas on 24th and 25th was really short in fact
Because we were headed to SOMEWHERE on 26th Dec!!!

Guess where we were???

SOMEWHERE full with SUN and SAND


Here we were heading to...
Sunway Lagoon!!!

Ning & the 'Mascot'

My DAMN big pants 

We chose only 3 parks instead of all parks
Which costed us RM60 per adult

It was very troublesome to carry camera to here and there
SO...You can only see BEFORE and AFTER

"People Mountain People Sea"

And Ning found something from me..
I can SWIM actually!!!Kakaka

Love it???

Sunny Couple~~

After whole day crazy with amusement park and water park
We left for our dinner

Remember I've showed my first Christmas present received?
Show you how it works...
Gatsby Quick Moving Mist - Power Twist






It works well???

Hopefully Gatsby can see my potential to be spokeperson

"Tengok Sana"

Moo Cow!!! 
Saw it before at The Gardens Mall
Tasted it once for free

And now taste it for RM9.90 a cup 

Sounds expensive but please try it

Be Spokeperson again~ 
Our day ended with yummy yogurt~

Lastly, Belated Merry Christmas 
& Happy New YEAR!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Second and Third...

A day before Christmas Eve 
We had a small team lunch among our Hong Kong team at company's lounge
Basically, we had team lunch monthly
But this time a little bit different

We had gift exchange session and...
delicious turkey, spaghetti, and sandwiches (prepared by me)

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have any photo snapping in our company
Hence, I only can show you what I received from company and my colleague.

The exchanged gift from my colleague is little pooh bear umbrella and Hershey's Kissess
While Famous Amos cookies from company, each of us got one~
How generous is my company!!!


Am I Too Fake??

Hopefully can get increment and bonus MORE

Are you ready for Christmas???

Merry X'Mas N Happy New Year!!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

My First...

I don't know who you are
But THANK YOU for the Christmas present

It will be my very first Christmas with HSBC 
Part as a culture - we have gift exchange session for whole department annually
I've wrote some options in the present wish list
And you've fulfilled one of them

Gatsby Quick Moving Mist - Power Twist

Not willing pay for it indeed
Many many thanks to colleague who've drew my wish list
I really appreciate it~~

It is my FIRST Christmas present received this year
And hopefully M.O.R.E to come~~


Thursday, December 8, 2011

It Might Be My LAST!!!

Received a call from my old friend, Lee
He asked when is my convocation =.=
In fact, I just had my Degree convocation on 4th Dec 2011


No blame to my friends as I did not really spread out "Hey, It's my convo!!!"

My pleasure as my parents flied over from Sabah to Kuala Lumpur
Purposely to witness their youngest son stand at the stage as a Degree holder
They missed my Diploma convocation two years ago
Now they are here for me!!!

Here's my BIG BIG convocation day on 4th Dec 2011

Held at JW Marriot Hotel Mayang Sari Ballroom 

Met up my buddies...
Lawrence, Jolyn and Siang

Believe that you guys still recognize Siang, right?
He's my friend who taking good care of us during our trip to Sabah

See...Little Jolyn always so SO nice~ 
Help ME!!! Help ME!!! Jolyn~

We're required to be there at 7am for registration and rehearsal
But we're spending our time on photographing!!!

Mr. Alex - My lecturer for many many years

Purple color = Degree in Hotel Management
Green color = Degree in Tourism Management

I love Purple color indeed  : <

Our convocation just started...
We had only 18 of Degree holders (combined by Tourism & Hotel)
Many of our ex-coursemates did not turn up anyway

Treated it as my last convocation
The convocation fee was expensive but I really enjoyed with my friends

Happy to see Ning's family
Ning's eldest brother, sister in law and her mother

Thank you for your coming~ 

And of course my forever supporters...
Chim Family!!! 
But they were so concentrate having their tea time outside before I come out
Left me INSIDE the hall =.=

Grabbed my chance now...

Mr. Jonathan - My Lecturer as well

AND Mr.Lee!!!
He taught us Business Strategy and I really like the module
Hopefully I still have chance to learn from him!!! 

My darling - Ms. Ning

My ex-coursemates... 

The moment spent with you guys was so short~
Just maybe few hours...
But really HAPPY to meet up you all

After my convocation, gathered with my family and Ning's family for lunch
It's very first time my parents meet up with hers

But no pressure...


There are two regrets...

Firstly, I've refused to represent my Degree coursemates to give a speech during convocation
We've lost the face as Degree holders

Sorry..My friends~

Secondly, my brother and his family weren't here together with us
I really hope to unite the family again..

Hmm...End of my convocation
It would be my last convocation..Maybe?

End of studies, Start of new journey
Good luck to you all, my friends

Please keep in touch wherever you go!!!


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