Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas BB

It happened on the Christmas day (when I was in Chili's)
His arrival changed me
I'm no longer who I am 
I'm...Uncle Jayce for little Valen

He's Christmas Baby
A new member in Chim Family
Valen, lovely baby to my brother and sister-in-law 
The first grandson to my parents

Congratulate to Mr. Junior Chim and Mrs. Junior Chim

Congratulate to Mr. Senior Chim and Mrs. Senior Chim 

Congratulation Mr.Lai and Mrs. Lai
Lastly...Congratulate to Mr.Super Junior Chim (It's ME..Hahaha)

His nose is HIGH, right?

Glad to have you, Valen...


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas With Her

Christmas was the recent issue that heavily discussed around the office
Each of the sessions as well as departments participated for Christmas's decoration campaign
It's the culture and has been practicing annually

As a less important character in office, I love Christmas because can receive many gifts
Cookies, Sweets, Chocolates and many more...

It was the cake that received on Christmas eve

Was in bad mood on the Christmas eve actually
Mistakes done and overtime needed on that day
I'm really sorry that I made the atmosphere even worst during dinner with Ning

As I dislike crowded and happening places
we wanted to celebrate in a cafe

Here we went that night - Feeling Cafe
It wasn't taste good

Our Christmas eve ended with songs and songs...

25th December 2010
Visited Chili's as Ning never been there

We brought along gifts to exchange

Firstly, introduce mine...
Lovely Christmas card from Ning (With our BIG head)

And now her turn...
From ME..FROM ME!!!

We exchanged many gifts, isn't?

Christmas Card, BIG Starbucks Cup, Digital Clock and Almond Chocolate all belong to me!!!
I bought Ning an environmental friendly Starbucks tumbler and Handmade Pencil Bag

Delixious Food Moment...
Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites

Spaghetti Chicken

Lastly...Special introduce to Ning - Mashed Potatoes
It brought satisfaction to her...

She Loves It

It's our first Christmas and more and more waiting for us
I hope you like the gifts I gave you and I hope you enjoy it..


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memorable 3D2N

This article is about a 3 days 2 nights trips of ours
Thanks to AirAsia who offered cheap airfares for route to Penang
As I promised Ning to bring her to somewhere somewhere
Finally we make it...

Departed to Penang early morning on 12th November 2010
As planned, my cousin, JeeLin was our tour guide on the first day and second day
First meal we ever tasted was the delicious roasted duck (琵琶鸭)
Crispy Duck

She guided us to Cheong Fatt Tze (Blue Mansion)
Here is where rich with its history and its architecture

Of course to see this, you have to pay for it

 Sunny Day

You are lucky enough to see picture above
Because photograph is strictly prohibited inside the building

Another historical stop we visited was War Muzium on the second day
It sounds boring but we enjoyed it
To understand the life of a soldier
Tunnel is somewhere we must pass through
It's horrible inside
It's limited space
It's LONG 

Forced Flash is required to snap photos inside

Many unique weapons and tools used can be found here

 Sex Slaves for the Japanese


JeeLin was in duty in the afternoon and another cousin, Charlie's turn to guide us
Went to the one of the famous beaches in Penang - Batu Ferriggi 
Luckily we still able to see the sunset 

Ning and ME

Lovely sunset captured by using my SONY~ (proud)

Since the night is still young, Charlie brought us to the famous club - Sixty9ine Mansion
Sixty9ine Mansion is one of the latest and sexiest beach front
I bet many clubbing kakis will be crazy of it 

I'm not clubbing kaki but I would say the ambiance is just great
It's concept "a club with pool" attract me in fact  

If you dare, just jump into the pool

The next day we left Penang and traveled toward Ipoh to find another cousin
Yea..I have many cousins~~

What are the attractions in Ipoh?
Pretty Girls??
It could be...

But we were there for the C.A.V.E.S

The Golden Buddha Statue

 Three of us

I was posting innocent look..Can you see that??

Besides taking photos, we did the most here was JUMPING 

Hopefully Buddha won't angry of us...

Next cave...
This cave seemed to be more artificial

Kexin gonna punch me soon..
She dislike my expression actually~Hahaha 

Wherever the jumping king goes, JUMPING is a MUST 

Basketball Players 
It's just GREAT!!!
Of course we were tired after few jumping...

Before leaving Ipoh, we never miss out the tasty meal
I guess everyone know this??

3 Days 2 Nights trip ended quick really...
Promised Ning that we must go somewhere else every year
And...Let's plan for next year!!!


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