Monday, April 9, 2012

For U & ME

As time goes...
Our relationship had extended into 2nd anniversary on 27 March 2012 without knowing

This post is only about ME and YOU

Started our story in Genting Highland on 27 March two years ago
We were in Genting Highland for 1st anniversary celebration last year

And this year...Departed to Pulau Ketam as our 2nd anniversary trip
Looking for information regarding the journey to Pulau Ketam for few days
We had expected enough joyful in our trip to Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam, (a.k.a Crab Island) a small island which is accessible from the Port Klang Jetty by ferry
We took our greatest KTM from KL Sentral till the last station - Port Klang
It took us approximately one and half hours to get there
Another 30 minutes journey from jetty to the island

A walking distance less than 5 minutes to the jetty

Sunny Day 

Rm7.00 per person per trip
Quite impressing as the fast ferry quite comfortable

Their houses all are built on the sea

This is the jetty in Pulau Ketam where we arrived

Here is where we MUST passby to get in their main street
Bomba Sukarela Pulau Ketam

Another MUST place to passby

Makan time!!!

Vege that strongly recommended by Tauke 
I don't know the name really~ 

Yummy Sotong!!!

Prawn which costs me RM4 each!!! 

Two of us with 3 meals + rice for two
How much you guess??


Anyway the restaurant name - Restoran Po Seng
If you guys interested, please welcome to the restaurant

After dine, we rent bicycle which cost us RM5 for each
We got free map provided by the boss

As planned, we expected to stay in Pulau Ketam until 5.30pm
However, it seemed we only spent two hours and that was more than enough

Pulau Ketam is really a SMALL village
I wonder anyone really will spend their time there for holiday

Main street

Here is where we found and highly recommended by bloggers

Captured by Her

Hmm...7 out of 10 marks from her

We are La La fans indeed

Came far from the city for La La
This was the only thing that attracted us

Cycling time
Saw the rubbish???

The sanitation awareness isn't strong enough here
I admit that even in KL, we can see rubbish everywhere

Please don't throw rubbish anytime, anywhere

There are limited public toilets for the outsiders
This is the toilet located near to the jetty

It smell stink really
Regret not to capture any photos to post here

But anyone been there, I know you understand me

I believe here is ideal destination where is away from pressure, traffic jam, air pollution and the forth. However, I hope the local authorities would look seriously into the sanitation problem.  

Terribly dirty!!!

What a tired journey for us
Ning, maybe next time we plan to somewhere at least the toilet is clean


Monday, March 19, 2012

A Replacement

A replacement of birthday celebration from my sister and brother-in-law
It came almost a month after my birthday

Never mind as I still appreciated the belated birthday treat from them
Brought me to Levain 

Heard of it before but it was my first time visit
Excellence ambiance which provides relaxation feel indeed 

Say YES to THEM!!!

My sister and brother-in-law

ME and sister

Am I look FATter??

Of course, and my delicious Chocolate Cappuccino

Mushroom Creamy Spaghetti 

Chicken Sandwiches

It really HUGE

And my Teriyaki Beef Sandwich

The prices, indeed much expensive than a normal bakery
But the portions they served is HUGE 

For more information, please visit to


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