Thursday, November 10, 2011

A BURNED Trip to Sabah {Part II}

It's time to update my Day 2 of my Burned trip

Day 23 . Month October . Year 2011
Headed to Kinabalu Park as our first destination 
Here is where Mount Kinabalu Summit Trail begins
Trying to show off my BURNED arm and little muscle
I know it is not OBVIOUS but it is!!!

We were unable to see Mount Kinabalu as the weather has changed during our way to the destination
Without Mount Kinabalu, we only snap few photos inside the Kinabalu Park

Next, we proceeded to visit the legendary farm - Desa Farm
Have you ever seen diary cows?
A real diary cow in front of you?

Let's us show you...

Diary cows are really exist here!!!
I thought its could be found in overseas only
I was WRONG!!!

We were happy to see cows in black and white
Were like Smurfs visit New York 
We were so excited
And they are always extremely SMELLY

Siang, you really lose if you stand beside the blackie

Welcome to Desa "Cow" 

Feeling so comfortable away from traffic jams and buildings

Of course, we could not miss FRESH milk

Found something interesting in the toilet 
I don't FLUSH because I don't want to 抽水

After a half day trip at Kundasang, we headed to Kinabalu city for lunch
We Makan, We Jalan, We Beli 

We took a rest at my brother's place before sending Ning to airport
Playing around with NoNo

He is still very charming!!!

And...the X'mas Boy - Valen
He has all of our essence

I really tried to take photos with him but...
He was not cooperative 
He actually support Chelsea =.=

Our third day was actually busy with packing our luggage
SaSa ended her Sabah trip on third day and I continued my journey back to my hometown - Sandakan

Thank you especially Siang who was spending his time and money
Brought us to islands and Kundasang with no complaints
He is "brother" enough really
If I were lady, for sure...I will dig my heart to him

I must do something for him!!!

I must write a VIP post for him (provided if he is agree with terms and conditions)

[The End]

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A BURNED Trip to Sabah { Part I }

Sorry for abandoned J-Station for more than ONE month
Hopefully YOU are still here for me~

It was a trip that I had waited for long LONG time
Happened on...

Day 22 . Month October . Year 2011
Kota Kinabalu - the capital of Sabah

As planned, headed to Sapi Island, Manukan Island and Manutik Island
Here was where we purchased our tickets and equipment rentals


Be frank, Jesselton Point is the prettiest and clean port I've ever seen
Departed from Jesselton Point to our first island - Sapi Island
Siang, SaSa and Ning

It was our first time been here except Siang
"Wah..." was my first impression
Crystal clear blue sea
If you love Sun, Sea and Sand, here is where you should visit!!!

Of course you may find some water-sport activities on these islands
But we chose to snorkel in Sapi Island

Do you realize the sea color?

And also..Jumping is a MUST for Jumping KING
We were trying so H.A.R.D to jump a LOVE shape
It was SO SO difficult (especially for Siang)
Shh...He really tried so HARD to jump
We have no LOVE at all~

Yer..Naked Siang~~

Headed to Manukan Island as our second island trip
Manukan Island is the biggest island among the 3 islands
And here is where tourists rest~
There are stalls selling lunch as well

Manukan Island is more commercialize compared to another two islands
Quite disappointed with its beaches which full with dead coral reef
Therefore we've chose to play water-sport activities here


It costed us RM150 per couple after discounted
It might considered expensive but worth enough as we have never tried that before


I didn't SCREAM I swear!!!
But I was nervous..Just little~

Time UP!!!
Departed to last island - Manutik Island

Obviously we were tired after two islands except HIM!!!
Hyperactive Siang!!!
I thought he was doing NBA pose??

Our Signatures @ Manutik Island

Ning and ME
We were crazy playing sand
Throwing you and me

Wherever she goes together with me, CONFIRM you find her photos MOST

Our island trip was awesome
Especially weather as you can see in photos

A trip to Sabah will not be perfect without SEAFOOD
Thanks to Siang - the hyperactive MAN who treated us
Kampung Nelayan, the floating seafood restaurant

Thanks to Ket Kong who stayed a night with us
5 of us

Our first day in Kota Kinabalu ended at Tanjung Aru Beach as our last destination
Be proud to introduce them to enjoy our Avocado drink

Finally, we were BURNED after our island trip
Show you in next article ya~

[To Be Continued]

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