Monday, November 8, 2010

Ole-Ole Bali

It was a rare gathering with my sister and brother-in-law
We departed to somewhere in Puchong purposely to buy Baby Stroller and Car Seat for my nephew, Valen
This time I am not alone follow behind my sister and her husband..
Because I have Yi Ning now!!!

Four of us went to Sunway Pyramid and Ole-Ole Bali was the restaurant we dined in
Although it is a Balinese restaurant, some food I tasted in Bali cannot be found here 

The couples
Ning & Jayce

Eric & Joyce

Similar to Bali, the food portion here is terrible!!!
Extremely BIG
My Bali Trio

Salmon Steak

Chicken & Chips

Nasi Siap Bumbu

My Bali Trio is delicious!!!
You may try that if you are dining in Ole-Ole Bali

Bali gave me feeling of regret as I had serious diarrhea on the last day..
This time...I was feeling not well after the Ole-Ole Bali..

Should I keep myself away from anything related to Bali???


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Graduate Trip With 002 [Part II]


Next day after i-City, 10 of us with two cars departed toward Cameron Highland
It took us two and half hours to reach Cameron Highland
5 of us (Alvin, Lawrence, Yvonne, SaSa and ME) were the first group to get there
Luckily we can check in very early to the hotel - Titiwangsa Hotel

We were staying in a Family Deluxe Connecting room
Basically it has two separated rooms inside 

Here was where the guys stayed

A Mc.D's sofa can be found here as well

After the another 5 joined us, we departed to the MUST visit destination - Boh Tea Plantation 
The road is narrow and curved
It was a terror journey

Here we were~

It was my first time to visit Cameron Highland
Maybe I followed my parents when I was kid
But since I moved to Sabah, it was virgin trip for me to travel there

We had a rest here and enjoyed its sceneries together with bowl of tea

10 of us...

In previous posts, Princess SaSa was my all-time model 
Now, Yvonne joined into my favorite rank

She is gorgeous, don't you think so???
Anyone wish to get her numbers?

Please queue up
(I won't give you of course)

Of course...Princess SaSa as well
Sasa..Thanks me for this!!!hahaha

More pictures will be uploaded into my Facebook soon

Before we proceed to next destination...
We...JUMP again!!!

Are you ready??
SOrry, SuHui for posting photo above

It's our show time!!!

I am trying to make several pictures into GIF file..
Can you see it is moving???

Alvin supposed on the right
But the width given is so short
To see full width of it, please click on the GIF file

Went to some places such as Cactus Farm, Butterfly Farm, and lastly Strawberry Farm
And eating Strawberry Sundae at Cameron Highland was such a joyful 

Jayce N Sundae

Princess SaSa
With 2 little strawberry

Every time went out with her, for sure my camera is full with her photos~

The new team: F1M4

Seems like FiMA,isn't???hahaha

Strawberry Farm was the last destination we stopped 
During night time, we went to Pasar Malam nearby our hotel
We bought Cactus..We bought Corns, We bought food 

It was freezing night...

Last day in Cameron Highland...
We had our breakfast and headed back to Kuala Lumpur

Before leaving, we had photo shooting inside the room

Only King can enjoy this..

The last group photo we had in front of hotel

Divided into two cars 
And of course SaSa is always be with me..Kakakaka

The ladies were TOO free already~
Another 2 hours journey back to Kuala Lumpur
We looked for our "last meal"

Boston Restaurant in Leisure Mall

Jayce N Siang

The Tired Three Ladies

Can you feel our "Deep Love"?

Before we leave...

3 days 2 nights graduate trip ended with memories and joyful
What we had done the most within the trip
I would answer you "JUMPING" is the most
We studied together for one year duration 
But actually we really knew each others for months only

It is nice to have friends like you guys
Thanks for coloring my life in Reliance College

"Friends..All The Best To You"

Miss you...


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Graduate Trip With 002 [Part I]

"You Light Up My Life"

Back to the day after our final examination
We had the sweetest moments within the 3 days 2 nights trip

As planned, heading to i-City after dinner in Jalan Alor
i-City is somewhere in Shah Alam and none of us know how to get there
Thanks to Malaysia's confusing signboards, we able to get there at last...

i-City is known as the city of digital lights
It is recognized at the first landscape tourism destination in Malaysia with LED technology showcase
Impressed by its colorful light-bulbs surrounded the borders

Especially the lighting Christmas trees planted row by row 

Lights with creativity displays
Besides the modern digital lights, traditional Tanglung can be found here as well
Basically there has two connected rooms with winter and autumn theme
Autumn's decorations based on Chinese traditions the most

Behind us is another space for winter theme
It's not freeze as all
Especially two hotties were beside me!!!Hohoho~

We were crazy...
I never NEVER did that before...

We were crazy with JUMPING !!!

I am good in JUMPING honestly!!!

Please name me as JUMPER!!!

I love this shot very much!!!

Remember bring your camera along if you are departing to i-City
It's worth for first time visiting

Would bring you to Cameron Highland for another 2 days 1 night in next article
More and more pictures will be posted in next articles  

- Stay Tune -

[To Be Continued]

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